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See how easyCar Club works

See how easyCar Club works

Car Owners

Car Owners

How much can you earn?

Fill in your car details to find out how much you could earn.
You could earn £280 per month

Earn money by renting out your car

Rent safely

  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Protected No Claims Discount
  • Free RAC roadside assistance and recovery

You stay in control

  • You set the rental price
  • You decide when your car is available to hire
  • You accept or reject requests to hire

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We've made it easy for you to make money from your car

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Need to use a car sometimes? Why buy when you can hire locally and cheaper with easyCar Club?

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  • At easyCar Club you can save 10% or more off standard rental prices
  • Your nearest car may just be a few streets away, saving you time and money
  • You get to drive the exact car you select
  • You get to choose from a wide variety of car makes and models
  • And you can save time at pick up – no more queues, paperwork or salesmen

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Learn how easyCar Club works

How it Works

easyCar Club lets owners make money by renting out their cars, and helps drivers save money through cheaper, more convenient, local car hire. Watch our short video.

We love all makes and models of cars, but currently can only accept models less than 10 years old and within insurance group 32.

If you think your car is eligible but is not listed here, erm, that’s odd. Please call our Members Services team on 08710 500 444 and we’ll figure out why.